A Midwinter Dream by Chanel

I watch a lot of Fashion videos. I have an entire page on YouTube dedicated to the latest and greatest models strutting down the runway or the backstage interview amongst the hustle and bustle. I’ve even been fortunate enough to sit at a few show live – although never front row….

Through the sea of video and digital razzle dazzle as each brand tries to out do the other – I come across a few reels that truly strike an emotional chord or enhance my viewpoint on fashion, life and imagination.  This Chanel series does just that.


Idol Fascination: @KarlLagerfeld

There are many icons to idolize in the fashion world. Unreachable, influential demi-gods and goddesses who fly around the world and live an insiders life.  But with the advent of the digital age, these people are more and more subject to media recording their lives.  I love the inside look on how these folks work; the way they think, how they speak to each other and their demeanor.  I like to think that if I ever get the chance to meet any of them one day, this is my prep for the experience.

Here’s @KarlLagerfeld working with Carine Roitfeld on the “Little Black Jacket” phot series for his upcoming book “The Little Black Jacket: Chanel’s Classic Revisited” coming out this fall.  Don’t be distracted by the star studded cast of models – it’s the interactions and descriptions from Karl and Carine that steal the show.