In Praise of: Imperfection

In fashion and in life there always seems to be this emphasis on perfection.  I think about it every morning as I get ready for work and spend a large quantity of time on my shower, complexion, make-up, hair, look of the day and accessories. Every piece of me needs effort and I feel the pressure to keep myself looking polished as the day progresses.

The fashion industry is also obviously obsessed with perfection as evidenced by the enhanced photos, overproduced videos and massive teams who work on the models, stars and each other for events.  It’s all we see in magazines, online and on the television and it’s what we expect from each other.  There are books, dissertations and endless analysis on the topic.

What delights me the most though is the messy.  The pieces that don’t always fit and the details that make me feel like a “real” girl.  The flyaways, smudges, loose threads and freckles.  The shredded hem, loose strap, natural lashes and mismatched shoes.  Why don’t we celebrate the imperfect more and try to embrace it?

From here on out I am going to have one messy thing about my look every day – no exactly hard to do, but the key is that I am going to choose it (like my messy hair above), love it and flaunt it.  What’s your favorite #fashionmessy?