Insider View: Interviewing for a Job in Fashion


I recently read a nice little blog post by the enigmatic @LorraineELLE – Editor-in-Chief of UK ELLE and pictured above in a fantastic @dolcegabbana ensemble.  In it, she gives out the best advice I’ve seen on dressing for an interview in the fashion biz.  Many of us dream about this opportunity and when the moment finally arrives to go prove out fashion chops, end up frozen in fear standing in front of our closets or overdoing it and looking like @ladygaga.  Here are her tips:

  • Keep the outfit simple but add a styling twist that shows you’ve given it some thought. This makes you individual. You can do it with jewellery or other accessories. I love it when I interview someone with a bag I haven’t seen before or great shoes, for example. But don’t wear anything you are uncomfortable in.
  • There’s a lot to be said for great hair. And subtle but smart make-up. An interview is not the time to try a new lippy or show your love of a Lady Gaga fake eyelash.
  • Research your subject and prospective employer well. I have had people tell me they haven’t read the latest issue of ELLE, believe it or not.
  • Be specific in all your answers and arrive with an ideas list for the role. Every answer you give should be quantifiable with data and facts to back it up. Of course you love ELLE if you’re here for a job, there’s no point telling me that. Tell me why specifically: refer to features that you like and name projects or shoots we have done that have inspired you. Don’t be vague, have an opinion. Do this with your prospective employer and be familiar with their competitors, too.
  • Don’t write a character description on your CV. It’s just you saying what you’re like and that is not scientific – your traits cannot be proven. This really irritates me because it’s meaningless. You may say you have great leaderships skills but others may disagree. And I don’t care what your hobbies are either.
  • If I ask you what your star sign is you know it’s time to go and we won’t be meeting again!

Great words of advice to simplify the decisions you make to create an impressive picture for an interview.  So many of us either underwhelm or overwhelm, it’s nice to see a method to find a balance between the two.


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