I Love: The Model Alliance

via @marciamitch

I first heard about @modelallianceny from @cocorocha but I had actually seen @saraziff ‘s phenomenal documentary Picture Me: A Model’s Diary 6 months ago as well as her mini-series on nymag.com The Cut.

I completely support the work they are doing in improving model’s working conditions and labor standards as well as the education they provide to girls starting in the industry as young as 13.  I am also fascinated by the juxtaposition of the seemingly glamorous and pampered lifestyle that we all think models have when, in reality, most girls are struggling to make money and keep from getting taken advantage of by long hours, lack of privacy and being pushed beyond their personal boundaries.

I also ended up spending quite a lot of time on the Model Alliance site as they have a great collection of first-person stories from models on their Forum page.


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