Virtual Fashion History: Valentino

Favorite view


I always get a little jealous when I hear about a new Fashion Exhibition opening up Paris, Madrid or London.  I wish I could just whisk myself away tout de suite and attend the opening night.  I think the museums are starting to catch on as exhibited by the fantastic new Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum that any guy or gal can download to your Mac or PC.

The entire experience immerses you in a virtual reality museum filled with rooms and rooms of fantastic Valentino design archives, photos and additional historical details.  I have a screenshot above of one of my favorite views as I wandered about.


#outsidercommentary: Chris Benz Studio

Very proud today to launch my YouTube page with three short videos from my self guided tour of the Chris Benz Studio.  @cmbenz has always been a favorite person to visit, graciously welcoming, always ready to trade ideas and stories plus his team is extraordinarily innovative and tech savvy which gets my inner nerd glowing.  I was incredibly bummed to miss out on on buying his latest collaboration with the CFDA + Ebay yesterday when his “You Can’t Fake Fashion” bag sold out in a nanosecond   Enjoy taking a look at his gorgeous studio that could inspire even the most dour curmudgeon.

I hope to show you more studio tours, casual interviews and other insider views in the coming months. #staytuned

Idol Fascination: @KarlLagerfeld

There are many icons to idolize in the fashion world. Unreachable, influential demi-gods and goddesses who fly around the world and live an insiders life.  But with the advent of the digital age, these people are more and more subject to media recording their lives.  I love the inside look on how these folks work; the way they think, how they speak to each other and their demeanor.  I like to think that if I ever get the chance to meet any of them one day, this is my prep for the experience.

Here’s @KarlLagerfeld working with Carine Roitfeld on the “Little Black Jacket” phot series for his upcoming book “The Little Black Jacket: Chanel’s Classic Revisited” coming out this fall.  Don’t be distracted by the star studded cast of models – it’s the interactions and descriptions from Karl and Carine that steal the show.


In Praise of: Imperfection

In fashion and in life there always seems to be this emphasis on perfection.  I think about it every morning as I get ready for work and spend a large quantity of time on my shower, complexion, make-up, hair, look of the day and accessories. Every piece of me needs effort and I feel the pressure to keep myself looking polished as the day progresses.

The fashion industry is also obviously obsessed with perfection as evidenced by the enhanced photos, overproduced videos and massive teams who work on the models, stars and each other for events.  It’s all we see in magazines, online and on the television and it’s what we expect from each other.  There are books, dissertations and endless analysis on the topic.

What delights me the most though is the messy.  The pieces that don’t always fit and the details that make me feel like a “real” girl.  The flyaways, smudges, loose threads and freckles.  The shredded hem, loose strap, natural lashes and mismatched shoes.  Why don’t we celebrate the imperfect more and try to embrace it?

From here on out I am going to have one messy thing about my look every day – no exactly hard to do, but the key is that I am going to choose it (like my messy hair above), love it and flaunt it.  What’s your favorite #fashionmessy?

#FashionSecret: @LouisVuitton

I love when an iconic luxury brand such as @LouisVuitton takes you into their world – even only for a few moments in a visually stunning video short that walks you through their private homes, hotels rooms and workshops.  The Italian show workshop in the third video is my fave so if you can only sneak one at work or school….

#covet #enjoy

I Love: The Model Alliance

via @marciamitch

I first heard about @modelallianceny from @cocorocha but I had actually seen @saraziff ‘s phenomenal documentary Picture Me: A Model’s Diary 6 months ago as well as her mini-series on The Cut.

I completely support the work they are doing in improving model’s working conditions and labor standards as well as the education they provide to girls starting in the industry as young as 13.  I am also fascinated by the juxtaposition of the seemingly glamorous and pampered lifestyle that we all think models have when, in reality, most girls are struggling to make money and keep from getting taken advantage of by long hours, lack of privacy and being pushed beyond their personal boundaries.

I also ended up spending quite a lot of time on the Model Alliance site as they have a great collection of first-person stories from models on their Forum page.


I Love: Burberry

You may ask why I love a brand who can pull of selling a $5,ooo trench with spikes on the shoulders and sleeves – it’s simple – literally. It’s because they create such spectacularly simple, unique pieces that are always expertly tailored and so interesting.  Definitely investment pieces, but if you see the show above and need to digest at every detail, they also have a look by look page on their website.

#enjoy #covet